OROT's Annual Hanukkah Candle Sale!
Candles will be available starting December 16th
Deadline for shipping is December 12th

Support OROT through purchasing a box of beautiful Hanukkah candles made in Israel. As you light your menorah, you will be reminded of how you support students with special needs who receive a Jewish day school education for which their families hope.

You have two options for candle shipment

Option I
Candles can be picked up from any of our host schools (Politz, Torah Academy, PJDS/Forman & PJDS/Stern) beginning December 16th or from a personal OROT contact. Please indicate where you would like to pick them up inside the instructions box on the next page.
Pick-up Options
Contact Information
Option II
Candles can be shipped directly to anywhere in the continental United States. Deadline for shipping is December 12th, Shipping for 1 box $6
Shipping for 2-4 boxes $12
Shipping for 5+ boxes $20.