Curriculum Offerings

OROT, the Hebrew word for lights, seeks to provide the best possible individualized Jewish, secular and social curriculums to “kindle the flame” of potential in children with diverse learning needs. The OROT classrooms are individualized. Periodic assessments are administered in order to constantly address the changing needs of the student. The OROT teacher acts as a case manager for the student’s involvement in the mainstream classroom, overseeing social, behavioral and emotional growth.

Topics of Study

Language Arts

  • Phonemic awareness activities with a multi-modality approach
  • Phonics program
  • Reading program
  • Comprehension skills

Writing Skills

  • Functional handwriting
  • Creative expression

Math Skills

  • Parallel mainstream curriculum using more manipulatives, different strategies and year long constant repetition of all concepts taught

Judaic Studies

  • Cultural curriculum
    Hebrew language

Listening Skills

  • Auditory Memory skills
  • Auditory discrimination
  • Following directions

Social Skills

  • A variety of topics are introduced and reinforced throughout the year

Executive Functioning

  • Time Managing Strategies
  • Organizational Skills
  • Self Regulation Strategies
  • Task Initiation Strategies