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Thank you for your support of OROT during this unprecedented time. Our teachers and students continue to learn together providing a sense of continuity, comfort, and stability for each other and their families. Your gift helps to make this possible.  We look forward to seeing you at our next Gala!

Please place your electronic ad so we may acknowledge the support and generosity of our OROT donors at this time. Please, contact us for more information.

OROT has educated over 200 students with diverse learning needs; providing each student with a customized curriculum, low student-teacher ratio, extensive resources, and advanced technological tools. Additionally, we case manage our students when they enter the mainstream class to maximize their success in that environment. In our history, we have never turned away a child for financial reasons. We continue to provide a Jewish day school education to any family who wishes one for their child with diverse learning needs.

Your generosity directly impacts our ability to continue our work. Your support will allow us maintain our existing classes and create new OROT classes as needed.

Your donation will help us continue to educate our students through specialized curricula and help them grow as students and Jewish individuals.
Donations can be made as follows:

  • Phone: (215) 935-0020
  • Mail: OROT
    7601 Old York Road
    Melrose Park, PA 19027
  • Online: Click Here for OROT Scholarship Opportunities.


* All donations are tax deductible

Honor your loved ones through the purchase of an OROT Tribute Card. Cards can be sent out from the office or you may purchase a packet of five (5) to be used as needed.

  • Individual card sent from the office $18
  • Packet of five (5) $50


OROT translates to “lights” in Hebrew. Each year, we honor our organization’s name and meaning through an annual Chanukah Candle Sale. All proceeds go directly to benefit OROT.

  • Price per box $18