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Student Testimonials

I like OROT because it is quieter than my other class and I can raise my hand and ask questions without being scared that other children will make fun of me.
– Zev

My favorite thing in OROT class is Hebrew especially when I improve in writing my Hebrew script letters and reading the Siddur. – Mike

I like OROT because I get one on one attention. All my classes in OROT are fun. – Sarah

Parent Testimonials

“The OROT program is strong, Academically, Behaviorally and socially.  They meet all of my son’s developmental needs.” – An OROT parent

“OROT has given life to our son for the second time.  To see him grow and develop in the environment OROT is providing is giving us hope that we once thought was lost.” – Chavi Schawrzbaum

“OROT is exceptional in its ability to service so many diverse needs.  It enables all of the children in the program to develop according to their own strengths and abilities.” – Dr. Jeremy Schwarzbaum

“The more we spread the word about OROT, the more children who are in need will be served.” – Rob Rabinowitz

OROT has provided a wonderful experience for our children. We were very much looking forward to providing a deeper Jewish education for our boys but were apprehensive about starting the program in third grade. We thought that our boys would be overwhelmed, but the OROT program was tailored to each of our sons needs and created a very warm and loving environment. We look forward to future success for our children and appreciate the opportunity to be part of the OROT family.
– Stephanie & David N

OROT has completely customized our child’s education in a way that is allowing him to excel in school, academically and socially. It allows him to move forward in the areas that are challenging. It is truly an amazing program. – Anonymous

Our son Josh will be going to the Technion in Israel and it is all thanks to OROT. When Josh was diagnosed with a learning disability in elementary school, we did not know where to look for a program to help him. Well, we didn’t have to look to far … as our day school had an OROT program where we enrolled our son. Josh had support for many years and the firm foundation it gave him helped in high school and college. We are so grateful to OROT and its teachers for everything they did to help our son. – Sharon S.

OROT made it possible for our son Lior to receive an education in both secular and Jewish subjects. OROT provided him with a constantly changing individualized program that focused on his needs. The staff never limited him, and always expected that he could do more. Lior learned to read and write in two languages, not an easy task for a child with Down’s syndrome. Lior can daven. It is a source of joy and sustenance to him and to many others who daven with him. Lior is developing into a wonderful young adult and we attribute much of his success to the strong foundation that he was given by OROT. – Mordechai Liebling & Lynne Iser

We will forever be grateful to the teachers of OROT who have given our son the gift of reading by patiently working for hours and hours on his reading and language skills. They have given him a truly amazing gift that will last his entire lifetime and will help him grow in every area. – Anonymous

OROT has provided a program to our son that is more individualized and specialized than any program in the region. He has been able to learn and thrive in a Jewish environment. As a school psychologist, I work with a wide variety of educational programs. OROT is unique and stands alone in its ability to create a program for each child. The fact that this program is in Jewish day school is truly a gift for each family that is touched by the program and the community as a whole. – R. Clair

Alumni Testimonials

I am a sixteen year old graduate of OROT. As I look back on those years, I realize I would not have been able to stay at a Jewish day school without the program. OROT gave me an invaluable gift, the gift of self mastering. Before OROT I was not able to control my behavior. OROT taught me how to read my own signals. OROT gave me the tools and strategies to control myself. OROT eradicated my curses by showing me they were actually my gifts. When I am finished growing up, I will remember OROT and be one of their biggest supporters!
– J. Shore

I am not going to tell you that OROT has a magic pill that your kid will take to make it all better. What I am going to tell you that is if your kid works hard and wants to confront their learning problem, OROT is going to do everything in its power to help you. These teachers care about their students. They will help you understand what kind of learner you are, be it auditory, visual, or anything. Once I was kid and thought the darkness would go on forever, but I found the light. OROT was that light. – Josh C.